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Second Pair Special

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Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the bright fall & winter low angle sun. Or get a pair of near vision (computer) glasses for any hobbies or computer work that you do. Maybe a spare pair of glasses for the child who can never remember where they put things, or breaks them every so often.

40% off complete pairs if purchased the same day as your comprehensive exam and one regular or sun RX pair of glasses.

20% off complete pairs Rx and 25% off for non Rx sunglasses if purchased after but within 30 days of a comprehensive eye exam and the purchase of one regular Rx pair of glasses or the purchase of contact lenses.

Contact Lens Coupons

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Remember to utilize the manufacturer coupons that may be available for your brand of contact lenses. We have them in our office for your use. Certain requirements have to be met, such as buying a one year supply. Also, we can have your contact lenses shipped directly to you for added convenience!