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Cataracts and Lasik FAQs – Q& A With Dr. Strohl

Co Management of Cataracts and Lasik Surgery in Columbus, Ohio

Q. Can people avoid cataract surgery?

A. You can choose not to have surgery but that is the only way to remove a cataract. Having surgery does depend on how dense the cataract is and how it is affecting their vision. Some people can live for years with mild cataracts and not need surgery. UV light (sun) exposure over long-term contributes to the development of cataracts so wearing sunglasses that filter UV light is important.

Q. What kind of symptoms could develop from a cataract?

A. Cloudy, blurred vision that cannot be corrected with optical lenses.

Q. What are IOLs & how do IOLs help after cataract surgery?

A. IOLs are lenses put inside the eye to replace the natural lens that becomes opaque. IOL’s help focus the light to you see more clearly.

Q. If you have a cataract, does that mean you have to have it removed? When is the appropriate time?

A. You never have to have a cataract removed, it is a personal decision. However, if optical lenses cannot correct vision and the patient wants to see more clearly, then cataract surgery would be the best option.

Q. Would prior medical conditions or medications be a problem for the cataract surgery? If so, are there any common examples that one should inform their surgeon about?

A. Every surgery comes with risks, so each patient should discuss the procedure with their primary care physicians, their optometrist and the surgeon-along with any medications and supplements taken.  An example would be a patient with diabetes, as healing could take longer.

Q. If you have cataracts in both eyes, does the surgeon operate on both at the same time, or separately? If separate, how much time is in between?

A. Generally, surgery is done on separate days, with the worse eye done first. Then the second eye is done a few weeks later.

Q. What is the difference between topical and retrobulbar surgery?

A. This refers to the medication used during surgery. Topical refers to drops applied to the surface of the eye (anesthetics) to numb the eye. Retrobulbar medication is injected behind the eyeball to paralyze the muscles to restrict eye movement during the procedure. Retrobulbar is not used much today.

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Q. Must one be careful doing for the rest of his life after the surgery?

A.  Generally, the patient is free of restrictions right after surgery, with the exception of lifting. You should never rub your eyes after surgery and usually be careful for the month following surgery. After that, rubbing will not do damage.

Q. Once you have gone through cataract surgery, is the correction permanent, or can cataracts reappear?

A. Cataracts do not reappear after surgery. However, the capsule that holds the IOL can cloud up after surgery, requiring laser surgery to clear it up.

Lasik Surgery

Q. What is Lasik surgery?

A. Refractive surgery is done to decrease the refractive error of an eye. Done by making a flap in the cornea, the flap is lifted and a laser is applied to the layers underneath, changing the patient prescription. The flap is put back down so there are no stitches involved.

Q. How painful & how safe is it?

A. Pain with the procedure is minimal and is very safe-generally less than 2% chance of infection.

Q. I wear contact lenses to see far away & my parents wear glasses to read up close. Can Lasik fix our eyes?

A. Lasik can fix distance vision but cannot fix both far and near once you become presbyopic. It is possible to do Lasik and create a mono-vision situation; one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for near or reading. You should consult with the surgeon if you would consider this option.

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